Getting Involved @ MTC


Getting Involved While Attending College at Marion Technical College
Danielle McClelland
Class of 2014, OTA Program

I am in my last semester at MTC and looking back about my experience I think about if there is anything I would want to change… the answer is no!  I took advantage of all of the opportunities that were presented to me to make my experience the most well-rounded and positive it could be.

Here are 4 things I would recommend getting involved in throughout college that will make you enjoy your time that much more:

1.)  Join the professional organizations of your profession:
Research or contact your program director about the state and national professional organizations that you can become a member of.  These organizations generally offer reasonable member rates for students with all the same benefits.

2.)  Attend conferences or seminars for your future profession:
Again, there are usually discounted rates for students offering an affordable opportunity to enhance your learning outside of the classroom.

3.)  Volunteer within your profession:
Whether you join a conference committee or volunteer in an area you are interested in working once you graduate, volunteer experience can open doors and is a great resume builder as most future employers value the initiative to dedicate time outside of the classroom for a good cause.

4.)  Share information with your classmates at MTC:
I found that sharing my involvement in various outlets allows others to feel comfortable with becoming involved too and allows them to gain a better understanding and confidence about the profession.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, good luck!


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