Summer- A Time to Learn

10419880_893046704044714_788550936_nSubmitted by: Tammy Marks, Student Ambassador

Did you ever experience something that at face value seemed like an impassible obstacle in the path to your goals? It made you wonder if it was going to be the reason that you weren’t going to be able to attain what you were working so hard to accomplish.  Was this obstacle a sign that you were on the wrong path?

One of my favorite things to do is hiking. It is one thing that I do that helps me temporarily leave the chaos and business of my life and mind behind.

On my last trek, I found a trail that I hadn’t yet ventured. It was still plenty wet from a previous rain and local equestrians had left their mark.  Planks, some rotting now, had been placed long ago dividing the path. Extensive roots had made their irrevocable claim. A fallen tree made the trail seem to vanish. Scanning the rising climb at the top in the distance, I could see sunshine breaking through the trees.

As the path became more impassable, I looked for my footing. Sometimes I was not certain that the spot I had chosen to land was going to hold me. If I wanted to complete this trek though, I had to take the risk. Sometimes I had to stop and contemplate my next move. Even then, there were times I struggled for my balance. Keeping my focus so as to not trip on them, the roots became my stair steps.  The fallen tree had grown a young tree from the earth atop its uprooted base. It was perfect to grasp and pull myself up over the aftermath of its fall.

It wasn’t the trek that I thought I was going to experience that day. In my mind’s eye, I thought I was going to be hitting a clear trail.   I continued to advance step by step.  Tiredness set in along with sweat and thirst. I had mistakenly read the distance sign at the start of the trail. Instead of .4 mile, it was confirmed to be 4 mile.

For this very reason, I knew I had to be more strong willed than the roots that held the path. I was not going to turn around and go back. Nothing was going to stay in between me and the breaking sun at the height of my climb.

Such is the path to our goals. Be encouraged, stand tall, be brave and look for the lesson of strength and tenacity growing in you and your life through your efforts.

In your endeavor you will at times lose your footing. At times you may even fall, get muddy or have to stop and catch your breath.  Do it anyway, because the sun at the top breaking through the trees is waiting just for you.



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