Checkered Flag
“The finish line is in front of you; now is the time to start the race.”

I have been attending MTC since January of this year (2015). I am in the Business Management Program and love every second of it, even the homework!  Sure, it gets a little stressful when you are pushing to meet a deadline, but what a sense of satisfaction is achieved once I’ve completed a project I didn’t think I could ever do. As an added bonus to my college experience, I have been lucky enough to learn about the other programs offered at Marion Tech through the Student Ambassador program.

As a Student Ambassador, I recently had the opportunity to work with Greg Perry on the first day of classes for the students in the Police Academy.  Yes, MTC has a police academy!  As a huge fan of crime dramas, I felt like I was getting an inside track on the inner workings of the crime fighters!  A bit melodramatic but that’s just me.

What impressed me so much about this class, was the incredible comradery the students had with one another.  I don’t know if they had been together for prerequisite classes, or if this was essentially their first day together, but they definitely were a cohesive group.

An example of this presented itself when I helped Mr. Perry by recording their times on a 2.5 mile run around the student parking area.  They had to run 5 laps.  It was a nice day, not really too hot with a mild breeze, but it soon became apparent to me that when you are running in that environment, it becomes extremely hot very quickly.  As would be expected, after the first lap the students were spread out quite a bit as their differences in running speed and endurance took hold.  There was one student in particular that really grabbed my heart.  This person fell to the end of the pack and ended up being a whole lap behind the others.  Struggling to breathe, they nevertheless kept going without one thought of quitting.  When the runner passed the finishing point with one lap still to go, everyone else had already finished.  But instead of moving off to take a break or breaking up into groups, they instead shouted encouragement.  A couple of the finishers ran in beside the exhausted student and continued to encourage and reinforce their resolve to finish the task.  As they passed the “finish line” all you heard was applause, praise and congratulations . . . and a big sigh of relief from one student who persevered and stayed the course.

That day, in a nutshell, the whole philosophy of Marion Tech was played out.  The atmosphere at MTC is one of great comradery.  From faculty, to administrators, to office workers, to students – everyone works together toward the common goal of succeeding in education.  Everyone helps everyone else – no exceptions.  The instructors are always willing to go the extra step, running beside you, to make sure you reach your goal.  As a class, we all encourage each other and offer that pat on the back for a job well done.  Walking through the halls, you are greeted by everyone you meet.  It’s like a very large extended family surrounding the student with unlimited support. If you put forth the effort, you can’t help but receive the best education possible at Marion Technical College.  The finish line is in front of you; now is the time to start the race.

Sylvia See

Written by: Sylvia See, Marion Technical College Student Ambassador and Adult Student Accelerated Program (ASAP) student


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