My Favorite Things at MTC

NewYearAnother Christmas has come and gone and we are now into the New Year.  Wow, 2016 already!

I don’t really do the whole New Year’s Resolution thing.  Instead, Januarys always makes me reflect on the past year.  The year 2015 held new beginnings for me.  The biggest step I took was to start college last January.

My journey has been exciting, and in thinking back, the movie “The Sound of Music” comes to mind.  That may seem strange, but every year during the Holiday season I watch this movie.  I love everything about the movie:  the settings, the storyline, the songs, the dances – everything!

One of my favorite songs in the movie is “My Favorite Things.”  This song keeps coming to mind as I reflect on 2015 – but with a different theme.  I’ve been contemplating my favorite things at MTC!

So here goes my version of my favorite things!  (Julie Andrews, please forgive me!)

Teachers in classes and friends in the halls,

Smiles from everyone and classmates’ phone calls,

The sense of accomplishment that studying brings,

These are my favorite MTC things!


Will Scott’s lasagna and class project salsa,

Ambassador functions and parking lot cha-chas,

Putting together a project that zings,

These are my favorite MTC things!


When no sleep comes,

When my grade stings,

When I’m feeling fried,

I simply list all of my MTC favorite things,

And then I’m so glad I tried!

As 2016 begins, I am so very happy that I decided to attend college at Marion Technical College.  The holiday season is such a blessed time of family togetherness, joy, and goodwill. I truly have found that same spirit here at MTC.  There are times when due dates are fast approaching and panic may set in, but it’s only temporary.  In the end it all works out and self-confidence is boosted.

Happy New Year to everyone.  May I suggest this song lyric from The Sound of Music be your New Year’s resolution for learning?

“Climb every mountain, ford every stream,

Follow every rainbow, ‘til you find your dream.”

Written by: Sylvia See, Marion Technical College Student Ambassador and Adult Student Accelerated Program (ASAP) student
Sylvia See

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