ASAP is a familiar acronym to most of us. Hurry, we need this or that ASAP – as soon as possible.  Does it make you cringe when everything coming your way seems to have the ASAP tacked on?  Well, let’s take a look at a much more beneficial version of ASAP: the Adult Student Accelerated Program at Marion Technical College.  If you are looking to earn a business degree, this program is a great way to get your education within the busy structure of your life.

Here are the basics:

  • The class meets one night a week for four hours.
  • Most of the classwork can be done online at your convenience.
  • You only take one course at a time.

ASAP Sylvia Blog 2The “Accelerated” part of ASAP is descriptive of the fact that each course is taught in 5 weeks instead of the more traditional 16-week format.  This means that every evening class is similar to 2 ½ classes in the customary setting.  Also accelerated is the homework!  There’s a good 15 hours or more each week.  OH NOOOOOO!  Sounds daunting, doesn’t it?   However, it really isn’t too bad as long as you structure your time and break the work down into manageable pieces.  Don’t wait until the due date is looming to try to get everything finished!  Just work your way through systematically, and remember to take a break now and then.  On the other hand, it you do have extra time any given week, there are chances to work ahead.  This program is very structured, and yet really flexible.  The perfect mix for busy adults like us.

My class meets on Tuesdays.  I remember the first day of class when I walked into the room and took my seat.  I sat up front, but was using my best espionage technique to scope everyone out.  My biggest fear at first was that I would be the oldest and feel way out of place.  As it turns out, I actually am the oldest in my class, but not by that much, and I absolutely do not feel like I am out of place.  Over several classes I got to meet everyone and quickly realized that we are all in the same boat: we are working adults with busy family lives.

Of coASAP Sylvia Blog 4 woman on phoneurse, family life is different for everyone.  Some have children to look after and haul all around to their activities, while others have grandchildren. As most grandparents will tell you – there is still a lot of caretaking and hauling around when you have grandkids!  Some in my class are single, some married, some living with their partners and some divorced.  We are all ages from mid-twenties to upper-fifties. And, we all look out for each other.  That is the neatest thing about this class.  Since we will all be together for the duration, there are many opportunities to help each other in different ways. It feels like an extended family to some extent.  I love the camaraderie.

As far as our work lives go, there are quite a few in my class that work at Whirlpool.  From the conversations, I think a lot of them drive fork lifts!  And it seems like they have fun doing it.  We also have one truck driver, a state government worker, a couple of office workers and so on.  On another side of things, we are also a very talented group of students! One of my classmates makes the absolute best lasagna I have ever had!  One of the ladies makes killer salsa.  We have a person who makes an Apple Pie drink, an excellent quilt maker, candy makers and on and on.  To say the least, we eat a lot in class!  In short, we have become our own little ecosystem! We study, laugh, lament and eat together!  And like I said before, we help each other.

ASAP Sylvia Blog 3 Man studying

So, what do you think?  Is ASAP foryou?  My advice is, if you are leaning towards the idea of finally getting that degree, take the first step and give MTC a call at 740.389.4636 and ask for Kristy Taylor.  She will be your guide to this wonderful opportunity.  Trust me. You won’t regret it!



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