Advice for the Unemployed Job Seeker

This is the first in a series of blogs leading up to the March 31 Job, Internship and Education Fair at the Alber Student Center. Prepare for the job fair with these special prep sessions for Marion Campus students. Niedzwicki Shannon 2015 09 03 DSC_0032

By: Shannon Niedzwicki, Director of the Alber Student Center

I always tell our students “finding a job is a job.” And that means a lot more than just sending out applications. Applying for job after job – any job – just because you know an employer is hiring may be counterproductive.

Don’t Waste Your Time 

Remember: The competition is fierce out there; applying for jobs that you are not qualified for can hurt you in the long run. If the ad for a position says “bachelor’s degree required” and you don’t have one, or are still working on yours, this job is not for you. Hold out for the job you are qualified for and instead of wasting time on useless applications, use that time to concentrate on becoming more employable.

Volunteering Builds Your Resume

Volunteering for some type of community service is a great way to keep “in the know” about what’s going on in your world and network at the same time. Say you’re a counselor or education professional who is off work; you can volunteer at the local preschool or after-school program. You’ll keep your skills up-to-date AND have

Ambassadors ready to help
MTC Student Ambassadors Volunteering at the Salvation Army Kitchen

something to put on your resume during this time of unemployment. Volunteering can offer many opportunities to meet people and, yes, network (that key word I always use). The more you get involved, the more your name will be out in your community, and that could eventually lead to employment.

Stay Up-To-Date  

Another great way to spend your time while you’re looking for that dream job is to make sure your certifications or training are up-to-date. If you don’t have any job skill certifications or hands-on training experience, now is the time to add that to your resume. Check out what programs are being offered that lead toward certifications in your area of interest. Check online for videos, blogs, and webinars you can watch to keep you updated on current trends in your industry. Keeping yourself up-to-date is key to marketing yourself to employers.

Look at your Social Media Presence

And try spicing up your online presence. Social media is a great way to get your name and resume out there without actually going out there. If there is a certain company or organization you are looking at, do some research; follow the company’s blog and Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Find out what they are talking about and chime in once in a while.  Make sure you keep your social media clean, organized, and professional when networking online because this could be the first step in the interview process.

Wash, rinse and repeat and you will soon find that perfect position!

For additional tips, check out MTC’s Career Services or call Deb Murphy at 740.389.4636.

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