And the winners are…

MathChallengeLogo(Marion) Today 260 middle school students from eight area school districts came to compete in the 5th Annual OSU MTC Marion Mathematics Challenge. Awards, scholarships, and bragging rights were on the line.  The participating schools included Cardington, Elgin, Grant, Highland, North Union, Pleasant, Ridgedale, and River Valley.

After the scores were tallied, the winners were announced to cheers and applause.

The top three scorers in the sixth grader were:


1st Place:  Ke’Aun Morton, Pleasant Middle School

2nd Place: Ashley Hayward, North Union Middle School

3rd Place: Brayden Boyd, River Valley Middle School


In the seventh grade, the top scorers included:

1st Place: Annabelle Zerby, Highland Middle School

2nd Place: Landon Tipsword, Pleasant Middle School

3rd Place: Michael Oyer, North Union Middle School


In the eight grade, the top individual scorers were:

1st Place:  Bruce Jordan, Highland Middle School

2nd Place: Sydney Blair, Pleasant Middle School

3rd Place: Kaycie Stark, Pleasant Middle School

The top winner in each grade level received a small scholarship from MTC as well as a scholarship from The Ohio State University Marion.

The top six individual scorers (regardless of grade level) for each school were put together to decide team awards. The competition was fierce, as only a handful of points separated the winners.


Pleasant Middle School won a trophy and medals for being the top team in the Math Challenge. The team members include:

Sydney Blair, 8th grade; Kaycie Stark, 8th grade; Noah McGinniss, 8th grade;                  Steven Pham, 8th grade; Emma Dunham, 8th grade; and Landon Tipsword, 7th grade.

Second place went to Highland Middle School.


Highland’s team includes:

Bruce Jordan, 8th grade; Annabelle Zerby, 7th grade; Maddie Lyon, 8th grade;                Jessie Lyon, 8th grade; Jack Weaver, 8th grade; and Tyler DeWeese, 8th grade.

North Union Middle School rounded out the top winners by coming in third.


The team is comprised of:

Coltin Berry, 8th grade; Jaxson Harrah, 8th grade; Holden Banfield, 8th grade;                 Avery Zwayer, 8th grade; Michael Oyer, 7th grade; and Tristan Meyer, 8th grade.

Thanks to the William Kay Davis Foundation for providing the trophies and awards for our winners and to BlueFusion Entertainment for providing certificates for free bowling for all participants.

Thanks to the committee who works to organize the event, write the test, calculate the winners, prepare practice tests, assign rooms, and prepare student gifts:

  • Brian McEnnis – Ohio State Marion, retired
  • John Maharry – Ohio State Marion
  • Kelley Harding – Marion Technical College
  • Sally O’Connor – Marion Technical College
  • Tyler Maley – Marion Technical College
  • David Gorenflo, Central Region College Tech Prep Center
Pictured: Tyler Mayle, John Maharry, and David Gorenflo.
David Gorenflo congratulates the winning schools.
Getting ready for the test!
Not looking worried as the Math Challenge is ready to begin.

Written by: Wendy Weichenthal, Public Relations Specialist, Marion Technical College



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