Breaking Out of a Rut

Time ManagementOnce upon a time there was an office worker going about her daily routine.  She was reserved, uncomfortable in new situations, lost in paperwork, and shy around people.  This office worker always wished she had gone to college after high school, but was sure time had passed her by, and it was too late now.  She knew she was in a rut and needed to find a way out, but how?

Lo and behold, one sunny day her fairy godmother appeared and introduced this average assistant to the wonderful world of Marion Technical College!  For the past year, she has been awakened to the many opportunities that became available once she ventured outside her small, gated world.  Reserved no more, and loving all the new situations that have come her way, she wants to share her story with you!

Kristy Taylor, Sylvia’s daughter and MTC staff member

Yes, I am that office assistant, and my fairy godmother is my daughter, Kristy Taylor!  Sometimes, it takes a shove to get out of your comfort zone, and I am thankful that she believed in me enough to give me that push. I have written several blogs about my exciting journey here at MTC and today I want to share one of the amazing opportunities MTC offers to those ready to explore beyond their course of study.

I am talking about you stepping out to become a Student Ambassador for MTC.  This scholarship program is phenomenal.  If speech class pulled me from the back of the room to the front, this program has pushed me even further away from my comfort zone.   The mission statement of the ambassadors is “to share the Marion Technical College experience with our community in a personalized and professional manner.”  Those serving in this program assist the Admissions department in many ways.  We give campus tours, put together promotional materials, help with various events, and even blog – among many other things!

In this first year that I have been an ambassador, I have had the honor and privilege to represent MTC in many, many ways.  I work full-time days, so I am not available to work in the office during regular office hours, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other opportunities.  Last August, I passed out ASAP (Adult Student Accelerated Program) flyers at the Bratwurst Festival in Bucyrus.  Granted, there were many who just ignored me, but I also met a lot of great people and shared how there was a great program at MTC for the “non-traditional,” older student.  It is never too late to go to school!

Ambassadors ready to help
MTC student ambassadors volunteering at the Salvation Army Food Pantry! From left to right: Misty Organ, Hannah Dunham, Sylvia See, and Samantha Aker.


Some other opportunities I took advantage of were:

  • Helping out with the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy here at MTC – most recently at the 2016 Academy Graduation.
  • Greeting and directing students on the first day back to classes.
  • Assisting with the Latino Open House.
  • Working at College Nights, Planning Seminars, Financial Workshops, Orientation, and other events.
  • Giving campus tours. This was one of the things that really pushed me out of my box!  And in doing so, I met some great people.
  • Helping with the Miles for Marion 5K Run and Party.
  • Attending “Active Shooter Training.”
  • Working at the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen.
  • Helping with the campus Hunger Games Food Drive.
  • Assisting at the VEX Robotics Competition at the Marion Coliseum. This is an amazing event!
  • Blogging, of course, and many other things.
2016 Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy Graduation.

I have learned so much through the Ambassador Program and am abundantly thankful for the opportunities it has afforded me.  If I had just stayed in my windowless office, or in my computer chair playing games at home, I wouldn’t have met all the wonderful people I have this last year, including Tony Box who heads up the ambassador program.

BOX TONY 2014 07 DSC_0052
Tony Box, Admission Counselor

Yes, the cherry on top of all the wonderful experiences available is that this is a scholarship program.  Have fun, meet people, and help pay for your college journey.  When considering attending Marion Technical Collage, or if you are a current student, don’t forget to check out the scholarship opportunities available, including applying to be a student ambassador.

Sylvia See 3 2016 new phot
Sylvia See, Student Ambassador and blogger.

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