No place like home

“There’s no place like home.”  What a comforting statement.  At a recent meeting for the Student Ambassadors we had the opportunity to tell the others why we are at MTC.  A recurring theme in these talks was that MTC just feels like home.  That struck a chord with me.  In all the blogs I’ve written this past year on my experiences at Marion Tech, I believe that has been the underlying theme in every one.  Home is a place that is unconditionally welcoming.  It offers comfort, safety and nurturing.  At home we can just pull down the walls and be ourselves.  Yes, that is what it feels like to be a part of Marion Tech.  To be honest, I don’t know how I’ll handle not being here every week once I graduate!

Along that train of thought, I have decided to invite you all to go on a tour of my home away from home. This is a beautiful campus.  Walking the grounds seems to instantly be a calming experience.  For me, it’s the sound of the fountain in the lake.

Memorial Grove next to pond, overlooking the Marion Campus Library

For the first installment of our tour, we will leave from the Tech Building student lounge and veer left around the lake.  On our walk, we will pass the MTC Honor Grove.  The sculpture located at this spot is dedicated to Marion Technical College employees who have contributed 25 or more years of their time to this college and its students.  When you check it out, notice how many names are there.  This just goes to show what a wonderful atmosphere there is at MTC.  Not just for the students, but for all the employees as well.

Health Technologies Center

Continuing on around the lake, we reach the Health Technologies Center (HTC).  As the name implies, this building houses most of the health technologies labs and classrooms.

Lobby of the HTC – a favorite spot to sit and enjoy the view!

The first area we find is the beautiful lobby!  My class is usually in the Tech building but this summer it was held in the HTC.  On breaks I loved coming to this atrium area to sit and just look out at the gorgeous view.  This building is the newest one on campus (so far) and opened in 2011.  I believe the designers knew how tough the nursing and medical classes would be and put in this area just so they could relax and catch their breath!

Right off the lobby is room 103, or commonly called the lecture hall which seats 130 people.  Besides lectures, the room is used for many campus and community events.

Across from that room tucked into a corner is a very important place that you must know about.  Yes, this is where the vending machines are located.  There are also computers for student use and another large window so you can view the outside world.

Student lounge in the HTC (for emergency caffeine or snacks)

Traveling through the building we will find Nursing Labs, the Sonography Lab, Medical Tech Lab and Medical Assisting Lab and plenty of classroom and computer labs.  Following are some interesting tidbits about these rooms:

Nursing Labs with a simulated patient

Nursing Labs – These areas resemble a hospital and house equipment that will be used in clinical settings.  The nursing students are scheduled here in a way that will maximize personal attention.  One of the Nursing Labs that is particularly interesting is the Sim Lab.  This area gives the student realistic simulations by using infant, child and adult mannequins.  While the student is dealing with any number of situations that arise with these “patients,” an instructor is evaluating and controlling the mannequins from the control room. They can be made to cough, turn blue, and respond to treatment.  How cool is that!  In Adele’s words, “It was just like a movie!”

Sonography lab

Sonography Sonography is another term for ultrasounds.  (Just adding that because I had never heard the word before and had to ask what it was!) The Sonography Lab uses equipment that is similar to what clinical sites would use.  The patient models simulate real life clinical experience and occasionally, a real human being may be available so the students can utilize their skills.  Of special note is the fact the faculty here have over 100 years of combined experience.  That’s a lot of “baby pictures”!

Medical Technician Lab

Medical Technician Lab – I love the bulletin board outside this lab. In the center is a poster that says, “Not all heroes wear capes, some wear lab coats.”  I’m a big fan of medical dramas and the lab technicians were many times the unsung heroes.  If I would have gone into a medical field, I think this would be the one I’d choose!  This program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences and offers a unique 1-day per week format.  Class sizes are intentionally small so the students can receive individual study.  Jobs in this profession are in high demand in such areas as pharmaceuticals, research, doctor’s offices and more.

Medical Assisting Students

Medical Assisting – This program offers both office and clinical equipment.  The student learns how to use computer software for patient billing, coding and medical history.  Then a switch is activated and students are instructed on clinical equipment such as EKG machines, glucose meters and the autoclave.  Medical Assisting continues to be one of the fastest growing occupations in healthcare.  Once a certificate is earned in Medical Assisting, the student can get their degree with all evening or online classes so they are able to get a job in this field right away.

That’s all for today’s tour.  We will head back out the way we came in.  Notice that on your right as we are leaving are the restrooms, a very important place to find!  Next stop will be the library.  Until then, your homework assignment is to find out what an autoclave is and what it does!

Sylvia will tour more of the beautiful Marion Campus starting with the library for her next blog post.


Sylvia See 3 2016 new phot
Sylvia See, blog writer and MTC student in the ASAP  program



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