The Campus Tour Continues


Welcome back to my tour of MTC – my home away from home.

Marion Campus Library Classroom Building

If you remember from my last blog, we are now leaving the Health Techologies Center (HTC) and are going to take a left to head for the Library Classroom Building.  It’s a short walk, but be sure and soak in the sounds of the campus.  The water fountain, birds and maybe geese, a nice fall breeze, and students’ voices are all part of the home away from home experience here.  And, guess what, we are here!  This is a beautiful building and I just love the curved stairs out front.  Seems like a good place to have a snack in between classes if you have the time.

We’ll take a left through the front doors into the lobby area.  This facility is a shared building with OSU-Marion and opened in 1997. Stairs on your left will lead you to some Ohio State classroom.  Marion Tech has classes on the first floor.  Straight ahead is the library proper.  The library staff here is top-notch and always ready to answer your questions.  But before we had in, take a minute and look straight up.

“Transitions” artwork in the library entrance.

I just think this is the coolest artwork around.  It’s titled “Transitions” and is all about the changes we go through as students, or for that matter, all throughout life.  Change is not always our favorite thing, but it is necessary for us to move forward.  If you look at the art long enough you’ll begin to see your own interpretations in the way the figures swirl about.  It’s kind of like lying in the grass and looking up at the clouds!  I’m not sure if the staff would be too happy if you all started to lie on the floor though, so we’d better move on.


I suppose in a way, a library is a library is a library.  You’ll see lots of lots of books and the front desk right away, but also note that there are a lot of carrels around for you to set up your electronics and study away.  The library is part of the OhioLINK network, so you can do research from anywhere if you have a connection.  Note also that there is a second floor.  Let’s head up.  This is my favorite place in this building.  There are more places to hook up your devices and study.  There are also rooms available if you want to set up a study group.  Just check with the staff to reserve yours. Towards the back is a view of the Prairie Nature Center.  If your goal is to take a short break from reality and just daydream before class, this is a good place to sit.  Just relax and stare off into the wilds of Marion!


Hey!  Time to wake from the daydream and move on out.  I think the staff is ready to go home.  As we leave the library proper, note that the restrooms are straight ahead as we enter the lobby.  Yes, this is an important nugget to remember.  We’ll step back out into the fresh air and sit awhile on the steps before moving on to our next stop.  But before then, how about another bit of research before next time.  What exactly is OhioLINK?  Until next time, make the most out of every day and always remember to smile!

By the way: do you remember your homework assignment from my first tour blog?  I know that word isn’t one of your favorite, but you’ll need to get used hearing it a lot in your college journey.  Anyway, I asked you to find out what an autoclave is and what it does! And here is the answer from our friends at Google:


Noun:  A strong, heated container used for chemical reactions and other processes using high pressures and temperatures, e.g., steam sterilization.

Verb:  Heat (something) in an autoclave.

There you have it.  If that question ever comes up on Trivia Crack, you’ll be ready.

By: Sylvia See, MTC student ambassador and business management ASAP student

Sylvia See 3 2016 new phot


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