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I am coming up quickly on graduation and can’t believe how fast the time has gone by.  Upon realization that the my degree was in sight, I realized that I needed to get some help with my 13-year old resume and find out how people go about finding jobs in this day and age!  I knew that we had a department at MTC to help students find jobs, but hadn’t taken advantage of this resource yet.  All I can say now, is WOW!  Why did I wait so long?  In reality, this should have been one of my first stops after applying to MTC.

Sylvia See, left, and Deb Murphy, right

A week or so ago, I sent an email to Deb Murphy in the MTC Works! Career Center to set up an appointment for help on my resume.  What a fantastic lady she is.  I was a little nervous  because I didn’t really know where to start.  She made me feel right at ease and I came out of that meeting really excited about the possibilities.  Deb gave me a very constructive critique on my resume so I can get it up to par for today’s hiring personnel.  Mine was very old school, but I also had one that I did for an assignment in Business Communications that was a little better.  I now feel confident that I can put together a good resume for that next exciting job I am sure to get.

Now, that was really the extent of my expectations when I went in to this meeting.  I had no idea how many other exciting things that this department can do for students, and the community as well.  My next discovery was the College Central Network.    This is a one-stop-shop for students, alumni,and the community to register for job search assistance through MTC Works. Once you have registered on this site, you can upload your resume and start your search.

Since it is connected to MTC, Deb will help with the job offers and keeps an eye out for postings that may be of interest to you.  I signed up for this on a Ttypewriter image.jpguesday evening, and two days later, Deb sent me a posting that she thought I might be interested in.  Now that is quick service!  The last time I was looking for a job, I had to go through the newspaper to find want ads and then mail in (yes – in an envelope with a stamp) my resume and cover letter.  Another funny thing about the last time I was interviewing for jobs, is that when I went in for one at a large insurance company, I had to do a typing test on an actual typewriter!


ohiomeansjobs-dot-com-logoLooking on the MTC Works! section of the Marion Tech website, you can find links to all sorts of tools to help you in your career choice and search.  I explored the OhioMeansJobs link.  This is a site that helps you to plan your future and develop career goals.  Every incoming student should check this out.  You may find that the career path you are starting might move in a different direction once you take the Career Profile.  This is a quick survey that suggests career options that match your interests.  There is a ton of great information on this site.

Another place to definitely check out is the Strong Interest Inventory.  It goes into more detail than the Career Profile mentioned above.  This is designed to help you make decisions about college majors or careers.  I just completed my survey last night.  My next step is to meet with one of the career counselors at MTC to find out the results and get a computer printout.  I’m excited to see what mine says!  Wow, in fact an email just came through so I can set up an appointment.  These people don’t waste any time when it comes to helping us succeed!

There is so much more to explore at MTC’s Career Services.  Deb Murphy, Tami Galloway, Sheryl Rossi, and Joel Liles are ready to help you make the best of your career path.  Take advantage of their expertise now.  I have a feeling that if you had to pay for these services elsewhere the cost would be staggering.   Marion Technical College truly is the smart choice for educational and career success.   Check it out!

A few testimonials from the MTC website:

MTC Works! has been a phenomenal and invaluable resource in my job search. From resume creation to the interview process, Deb and her team have been there every step of the way!
MTC Works! for me!
Kevin W.
IT Technician/Installer/Trainer
Ganymede Technologies

I was just telling my husband how awesome you are in trying to help me find a career!  You have done more for me than my own university and I spent $60,000 with them!  I truly do appreciate all you do for me!

Thank you!  🙂 
Jen Ervin

I talked to you on the phone several weeks ago and you helped me with my resume. I just wanted to let you know that I have been hired by Marion Area Physicians (OhioHealth) to work in the office of Dr. Robert Crowell. I know that the changes you made to my resume and the advice you gave helped me during the interview process for this job.
Thank you very much for your help.

Linda Cooper/MTC Medical Assistant Certificate Alumni

Appreciate the time you spent with me today. In my book you get an A+ for the attention to detail and how quickly you worked on things.
Thanks again,

Sylvia See 3 2016 new phot

Blog authored by Sylvia See, MTC student in the ASAP program and student ambassador

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