Pencils Down! Marion Area Mathletes Earn Scholarships

Marion Mathematics Challenge LOGO 2011

(Marion) Cheering. Applause. Trophies. Medals. But this wasn’t a football game or a pep rally – this was the OSUM MTC Marion Mathematics Challenge. In addition to bragging rights, a dozen students took home college scholarships. MTC awarded $1500 in scholarships to the top winner in each grade. OSUM awarded awards of $500, $750, and $1,000 to the top three winners in each grade.

A total of 170 students from eight local high schools sharpened pencils and whipped out calculators to compete. In the end, these students were named champions:

2016-12-08 00.20.19.jpg
Pictured: 9th grade math winners Makayla Yake, Elgin; Avery Zwayer, North Union; and Izaiah Wiley, Pleasant.

9th Grade Students

10. Evan Backensto, Elgin
9. Holden Banfield, North Union
8. Parker Richards, Harding
7. Luke Ferrell, Elgin
6. McKinley Britton, Ridgedale
5. Daniel Stimson, Harding
4. Tabitha Arnold, Highland
3. Makayla Yake, Elgin
2. Avery Zwayer, North Union
1. Izaiah Wiley, Pleasant

10th Grade Students

10. Nathaniel Askew, Elgin
9. Dawson Gamble, Harding
8. Maggie Pitts, Harding
7. Cole Peterson, North Union
6. Austin Taylor, Harding
5. Halle Marvich, Pleasant
4. Wyatt Wells, Pleasant
3. Kayla Kramer, North Union
2. Zak Kratowicz, North Union
1. Dalton Skaggs, North Union

10th grade winners: Kayla Kramer, Zak Kratowicz, and Dalton Skaggs, all from North Union.
11th Grade Winners: Jason Joehlin, Pleasant; Mercedes Smith, River Valley; and Isaac Zachmann, Pleasant.

11th Grade Winners

10. Marlena Stimson, Harding
9. Jackie Zhao, River Valley
8. Patrick Ravi, River Valley
7. Andrew Cooley, Highland
6. James Enders, Pleasant
5. Alicia McElwee, Cardington
4. Camryn Craig, Harding
3. Jason Joehlin, Pleasant
2. Mercedes Smith, River Valley
1. Isaac Zachmann, Pleasant

2016-12-08 00.30.25.jpg
12th grade winners: Evan Hunsicker, Ridgedale; and Logan Veley, Highland. Not pictured: Phillip Nicol, Harding.

12th Grade Winners

10. Manuel Acuna, River Valley
9. Madison Randolph, Harding
8. Paayal Vora, River Valley
7. Brett Wilson, Pleasant
6. Owen Fransen, Harding
5. Drayson Campbell, Pleasant
4. Colten Oakley, Highland
3. Logan Veley, Highland
2. Phillip Nicol, Harding
1. Evan Hunsicker, Ridgedale

In addition to the individual competitions, the top six scores from each school were added together to form a team. The winners of the team competitions are:

The team from River Valley High School came in third.

River Valley came in third. The team includes: Mercedes Smith, Paayal Vora, Manuel Acuna, Josh Strine, Cort Klingel, and Patrick Ravi.

Harding High School was awarded second place in the team competition.

Harding High School’s team earned second place. The team included: Phillip Nicol (not pictured), Owen Fransen, Camryn Craig, Madison Randolph, Hannah Dendinger, and
Bishop Oldfield.

Pleasant High School won the team competition.

Pleasant High School won the top spot in the team competition. The first place winners include: Isaac Zachmann, Jason Joehlin, Drayson Campbell, Brett Wilson, James Enders, and Zara Fox.

MTC and OSUM would like to thank the William Kay Davis Foundation for providing the trophies and medals to our winners.

The committee who made the event happen includes:

  • Brian McEnnis – Ohio State Marion, retired
  • John Maharry – Ohio State Marion
  • Sally O’Connor – Marion Technical College
  • Tyler Maley – Marion Technical College

One special guest at the math competition this year was John Scott, former math teacher at Ridgedale High School. He championed the idea of a math competition. The idea he pushed for is now in its sixth year!

John Scott, former math teacher at Ridgedale High School, and champion of creating a math competition.

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