Campus Tour Part III: Get your game on!

Hi again!  The last time we were together, we were sitting on the steps in front of the library taking in the beauty of the Marion Campus.  Since I’m pretty sure you have had plenty of rest by now, we will move on to our next stop.  Continuing around the pond, we will pass by a very tall clock tower.  You won’t have to wonder what time it is if you’re out and about on campus.  Just look towards the southwest side of the pond. Right past the clock, we will hang a left into the George H. Alber Student Center.  This is shared by The Ohio State University at Marion and Marion Technical College.

The Alber Student Center

Before I go much further, my curious mind had to ask, “Who was George H. Alber?”  With a quick search on Google, I found that he was an Ohio State student and Buckeye football player.   When he passed away in 1997, he left a large portion of his estate to OSUM to provide scholarships for Marion County students.  I sure there is more to be found on Mr. Alber, but I’ll leave that to you to search.


Stepping inside the student center, it is quickly obvious that this is a great meeting place for students.  Comfortable seating, high tables and stools, and another beautiful view await anyone who wants to come here to study, rest between classes or just meet up with friends.  The student center is also the place to come for your very own Student ID card.  When you attend orientation, the tours will stop here last so you can get your ID right then and there.


A lot goes on throughout the school year in this building.  The Office of Student Activities and Recreation makes sure there is a full calendar of events to keep everyone involved.  A view of the activities sponsored by them include volleyball, soccer, basketball, cookouts, dance classes, movie weeks and campus parties.  They also offer outdoor pursuits such as canoeing, skiing and backpacking.   The gym is open to all students and is fitted with an indoor rock climbing wall.  Also available to students is a game room with pool tables, weight room, treadmills, stationary bikes, and much more.  On top of all that fun, the gym is used by various clubs and outside groups for events.  These can include college nights, an International food fair and craft shows.  Whew, all I can say is if you can’t find something to do here, I’m sure they would gladly accept your help to come up with more fun events!





As we head back outside and walk on around the pond, please note that we are passing two buildings on the left. These are OSUM buildings.  The first is Maynard Hall which houses the administrative offices for OSUM. The second building is Morrill Hall.  This was the first structure at the Marion Campus and is the primary instructional building for OSUM.

2016-08-26 07.46.45.jpg
Maynard Hall
2016-08-26 07.41.33.jpg
Morrill Hall

The final building on our tour is Bryson Hall – the nerve center of MTC.  Until very recently this building was affectionately called the TEC building and will be the subject of my final tour blog.  Homework until then is to find out why this last building is now called Bryson Hall.

Finally, to answer the burning question left for you to research last time when we toured the Marion Campus Library: “What is OhioLINK?” For that answer, I turned to my trusty pal, Google.

“The Ohio Library and Information Network, OhioLINK, is a consortium of 90 Ohio college and university libraries, plus the State Library of Ohio, that work together to provide Ohio students, faculty and researchers with the information they need for teaching and research.”

See you then and remember to “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching” (author unknown).                                          

Sylvia See 3 2016 new phot
Sylvia See, blog author, MTC student in the ASAP business program, and student ambassador.




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