The Final Stop on the Marion Campus Tour

Bryson Hall

Our final building to visit on this tour is Bryson Hall, previously known as the TEC building.  I hope you took the opportunity to find out why the building had a recent name change.

Dr. J. Richard Bryson

However, for those who didn’t get the homework done, note that the new name was in honor of our long-time MTC president, Dr. J. Richard Bryson. He served Marion Technical College for 42 years and announced his retirement at the end of 2014.  Dr. Ryan McCall is now the president of MTC.   You can read his welcome to the students on our website.

Bryson Hall is the nerve center of Marion Tech.  If you have taken a guided tour of the campus you most likely began that tour in this building.  Since we have entered into the building from the west side, the first room I will mention is on our right.


This is the student lounge complete with comfy couches, tables and vending machines.  This is a great place to relax between classes or study for an upcoming exam.  If you look on down the hall, you will notice another exit on the south side of the building.  Right outside this door is a patio with tables.  In nice weather, you can sit out here to munch on some goodies and take in the fresh air.  You’ll have a good view of the whole campus from here as well.

As we leavedscf3266 the student lounge we will take a right to go down the hall.  As soon as we make the turn you will notice the Business and Student Records offices.  You can get copies of your transcripts here or have your questions answered regarding transcripts.  This is also where you will take leave of some of your money as you pay your tuition.  It is noteworthy to mention, that MTC does have a deferred payment plan for tuition.  The staff here can help you with this if you choose this option.  The great thing about the deferred payment plan is that this may be a way to keep you from having to take out loans to pay for your classes.  It’s worth looking into!

On the right side of this hallway are the restrooms.  Also, note that these are the only facilities in this building, so if you have a class in the back forty, you may want to plan breaks accordingly!  It can be a long walk.

Sylvia See, left, with Deb Murphy, career services specialist with MTC Works!

As we continue down this hall, we’ll take a little zigzag before reaching the lobby.  Right at the corner of this hallway and the lobby is the entrance to MTC! Works Career Services.  You really need to take advantage of the resources available here.  Deb Murphy and the gang provide help with résumés, career coaching, interviewing skills, and help in finding a job.  This is a great place to visit early on in your college journey.  They offer an interest inventory test that give excellent insight into what jobs match your interests.

Going on around the corner we will pass the receptionist’s area and then come to the Student Resource Center.  This is the place you come to for placement testing and to meet with your first-year advisor, Student Resources also will offer assistance if you are having problems with your classes, and they offer Disability Services here.


Just past this area are the Admissions and Financial Aid offices.  This is where you can get all your questions answered about financial aid, including completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA.  I have gotten a lot of help from the staff here and appreciate all that they do.  I have mentioned in earlier blogs that every person working at MTC is here to make sure the students are successful.  As you meet with some of the people in these areas, you will experience first-hand the truth of that statement.  Everyone here is absolutely wonderful! [Editor’s note: Sylvia was not asked to say this!]

Now, everyone, do an about face and we’ll wander the halls to see what we can see!  The hallway directly in front of us leads to the Academic Success Center.  This is where you can receive tutoring and writing assistance.  They also offer a math lab and a computer lab.  You can use the computers here for research or homework.  There may be times when your home computer is on the fritz and you need to get an assignment done.  This is the place to come.

This hallway also houses Interactive Media classes, Mac and Windows Computer labs and Wacom tablets for animation and drawing.  We will do another about face at the end of the hall and move back towards the lobby.  Hang a right at the hallway by the MTC! Works Career Center and then another right at the next hall.  We pass the Distance Learning Lab for classes instructed by faculty from other partner colleges, such as Rhodes State.  The room contains audio/video equipment for webinars.


On the other side of the hall is the Occupational Therapy Assistant classroom.  This room contains a simulated apartment complete with kitchen and bathroom appliances, along with the most current technology available in this field.  Radiography is also located along this hall.  The Radiography program purchased new state-of-the-art equipment in 2015 and uses patient models for simulation.


On our right is the Robotics Lab in room 144.  This program covers Engineering Technology and Robotics.  The equipment here is meant to mimic what is seen in industry and provide hands on experience for the students.  Next door in room 140 is the Physics and Alternative Energy Lab and beside that is the Mechanical Engineering Technology Lab.  All of the skills learned here can be readily transferred into the workforce upon graduation.


Making a left we will see the classroom for Human and Social Services on the right, and the Physical Therapy Assisting Lab on the left.  The lab is equipment with the latest assessment tools and exercise equipment.  The class provides a comprehensive clinical environment for learning.  Our program ranks in the top 10% nationally, with a 100% pass rate on the certification exam for the 2015 graduating class.

As we follow on around the hall we see several general classrooms.  Classes are capped at 24 students and may have less.  This provides an excellent learning environment with ample access to the professors and instructors.  Continuing on we see the Computer Networking Lab, Science Labs, and a computer lab.

In the Criminal Justice and Science Lab, crime scene investigation classes are taught.  The classroom includes a jail cell and interrogation area and laboratory equipment for drug identification.  If you were a big fan of CSI, you would love it here!

Well, we are back to the beginning.  A lot goes on in Bryson Hall.  Besides all the classrooms, there are offices for the faculty and staff.  Like I mentioned, this is the nerve center.  Any help that you need in your academic life here at MTC can be found in this building.  If you haven’t taken an actual guided tour with real life guides, just call the Admissions staff at 740-389-4363, extension 4582 and schedule one today!

Thanks for joining me on this tour.  My next statement is one you won’t hear very often from your instructor: No homework is being assigned at this time!

Author: Sylvia See, Student Ambassador and ASAP student.

Read other parts of Sylvia’s Marion Campus tour: Part I, Part II, and Part III.


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