“He would be the one to help – no matter what.”

This week, Dr. Ryan McCall and several other staff members surprised Associate Professor Andrew Hand in the middle of a psychology class to present him with a Service Excellence Award.

Pardon the brief interruption, students!
Student Jaccob Hirt of Mt. Gilead nominated Professor Hand, writing, “He stayed during his break to help me a number of times and even helped me set up my class schedule for this semester when I found out there was a problem.”

After taking a math course from Andrew last semester, Jaccob signed up for a psychology course from Andrew this semester, stating, “He would be the one to help no matter what. He believes in me and all other students.”

After sharing an idea for a future dissertation with Andrew, Jaccob was surprised to receive an email later that day with information about a scholarship relating to the idea. The student also appreciated Andrew making an appointment for him to meet with faculty at The Ohio State University at Marion to help with his educational journey.

“He genuinely wants to see us succeed,” Jaccob wrote. “Not just in our academic careers, but also in our personal lives. In the future, if I have a child or family member go to college, I could only hope for them to have a teacher like Mr. Hand.”

From left to right; Dr. Ryan McCall, President; Deb Langdon, Director of Financial Aid; Cretia Johnson, Human Resources and Payroll Specialist; Andrew Hand, Associate Professor; and Tami Galloway, Job Development Coordinator. The members of the Service Excellence Award committee were thrilled to present Andrew with his award!
Congratulations, Professor Hand!

As the author of the winning nomination, Jaccob Hirt wins a $250 scholarship at MTC. The next nomination period is open. Nominate a faculty or staff member who has made a difference for you here.

2 thoughts on ““He would be the one to help – no matter what.”

  1. I am soooo proud of you! I knew you would touch the souls of many as you continued to grow up from that “little boy’ I watched mature over the years. Well deserved I am sure!

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