Navy Vet Finds MTC Path to New Career

(Marysville) Student ambassador Duane Robinson has traveled the world. He was born in Washington, DC and grew up in the suburbs in Maryland. He joined the U.S. Navy and lived in Florida, New York, and California. So how did he end up attending Marion Technical College?

Robinson left the Navy in 1993 and moved to Columbus, Ohio. He worked at a phone company for 20 years, until he had a shocking surprise: a pink slip.

In October of 2015, just a few weeks after my 20th anniversary with Verizon Wireless, my job was quickly ended.  My manager’s manager dropped by my desk and I was laid off.


This is what gave me the opportunity to move into nursing. An instructor recommended MTC to me when I was doing my STNA [State-Tested Nurse Aide] class.


When I was on campus, people went out their way to ask if I needed help when I was roaming the halls on a self-guided tour.  Darlene Lewis, an administrative assistant, even gave me a tour of the building impromptu.  I figured if this is how they treat strangers, then this is the school for me.


I am a 2nd year nursing student slated to graduate in May 2018.  I plan to start my BSN [bachelor of science in nursing] before graduation and later pursue a CRNA [Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists] Doctorate degree at Otterbein University.


I recommend MTC to friends and strangers.  Whenever I get an opportunity to discuss MTC, I do so.  I tell them it’s a diamond in the rough, full of medical programs designed to teach you and get you a job quickly.  The tuition is only $170/credit hour and the campus is beautiful.  Then, I recommend they go to to see for themselves.

Thanks, Duane, for sharing your story on how MTC is helping you get to your next career! Nontraditional students and veterans are easy to find on the Marion Campus.

MTC offers services for veterans, including a veterans’ group on campus and a private meeting room in the Alber Student Center. To get connected, stop by the Student Resource Center in Bryson Hall and ask for Bob Chidester or give him a call at 740.389.4636.

Duane and other student ambassadors will be updating MTC’s Instagram account. In addition, Duane will be blogging here periodically. Welcome, Duane!

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